Frank E Hollywood is a Dutch  hyperrealist painter who explores  tensions between the past and the future, not interested in simply reimagining the past, moreover he draws on a collective visual memory of the past to present us with something truly contemporary.

Similarly to the renaissance masters his visceral works are fraught with allegorical symbols, however within Frank’s works the symbols are entirely modern. Frank begins by staging his pieces using models and props; he then photographs the ‘scene’ and creates his hyperrealist paintings from the photographs. 

His highly sought after technique has certainly garnered the attention of the art world.

Frank is originally from Amsterdam and has permanent representation from Villa Del Arte Galleries in Amsterdam and Barcelona; he has exhibited throughout Europe in major leading galleries and has shown in the world’s most prestigious fairs. A highly collectable artist, Frank E Hollywood is definitely one to watch.

“History likes to repeat itself. Our age is one of self-indulgence and it has a lot of parallels with the 17th century and late 19th century.

Globalisation and the technological revolution have generated unprecedented opportunities, both good and bad. Vanity is no longer immoral or perverse instead it is considered a virtue to be rewarded with likes. “