Juan Barletta ia an Argentinian artist whose works  focus on consumerism and desire, his photo-realist paintings evoke an ambiguous duality of desire and beauty. Juan's images of often controversial iconic figures within popular culture question the ideals of synthetic beauty and its imagined reality. He alludes towards the falsity of images represented within the media and its distorted boundaries of what is real and artificial.

Melting faces like molten plastic bleed away leaving the audience to wonder what lays beneath the surface. Cartoon colours are cleverly used to create the make believe world of the celebrity; a world that aspires to and promotes a lifestyle dedicated to beauty, fame and wealth, but which will by contrast seek the grotesque degradation of the spectacle in order to secure its 5 minutes of fame. 

We are presented with dripping homages to 'bit-pop' celebrities, glorified and iconoclastic, dripping like sweets left in the sun. Juan's paintings invade and stimulate our perception of reality through masterfully created synthetic portraits as sickly sweet as 'candy'.

Juan Barletta (b1974) was born and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina; he studied fine art at Neuquén School of Arts.

He has exhibited nationally and internationally and participated in solo and group shows, notably with The Opera Gallery. He also regularly participates in art fairs.