Maria Koshenkova

Maria Koshenkova is an accomplished visual and conceptual artist, primarily using glass as a media to express her messages of love, loss and emotion. Her highly experimental work leads her to use glass blowing alongside untraditional methods of glass shaping to capture her running themes of imperfection, fragility, pain and pleasure.Most well known for her delicate glass hearts, from her ‘Hearts White’ and ‘Hearts Black’ series, Maria has blown fresh air into one of art’s most reproduced and trite symbols. Working to idioms such as warm-heart, broken-heart and heart of stone using the medium of glass gives visibility to the invisible, while also associating this fragile but durable material to her emotional subject matter.

Her affinity with glass has opened up new sources of inspiration ranging from ice and mirrors to work from glaciologists and oceanologists. These influences have resulted in her visceral and magnetic abstract pieces that draw the eye and comment on the beauty, power and destruction of the natural world and our own psyches. Her recent forays into sound and video installations have also created beautiful ephemeral interactive environments.

Highly recognised for her work with glass, Maria’s has had many international group and solo shows, most recently at Clara Scremini gallery in Paris, and has been selected for and won multiple awards. She recently gave lectures at Sotheby’s Institute of Art and her pieces are currently on permanent display in museums in Russia and Japan.