Mariska Karto's  work is inspired by the human body, physically, sensually and as an art object.

Her technically accomplished and emotionally charged pieces are expertly composed in a renaissance homage. Each series reminiscent of legends, or long lost lore; the characters, ethereal, beautiful and enchanting.

Her women are not depicted as objects of desire but as experiencing moments of desire, or loss, or love. 

The pieces reveal more about emotion than a desire to depict nudity, they are the flesh of

our emotions. 

In her works the body becomes one with the materials within the pieces, the soft fabrics,

the contours, the light and shade. The flesh is depicted like everything else around us, the sky, the air, the water. 

Mariska is an international artist who has exhibited in galleries throughout Europe, including STORM Gallery in the Netherlands and for Fotofever in Paris.

Her work has been critically acclaimed and she has won many prizes for her works including the PX3 Prix de la Photogrpahie Paris and the Julia Margaret Cameron award. 

Mariska was born on 1971 in Suriname (South America), she currently lives and works in Delft in the Netherlands.