THE LEONTIA GALLERY PRESENTS ‘MIX MEDIA’ SUMMER SHOW  The exciting new mixed-media exhibition is a culmination of provocative contemporary artwork, including paintings, drawings and prints all of which display innovative creations by extraordinary artists.  From the 28th July to 28th August visitors are welcome to the Leontia Gallery (6-10 Central Parade, 137 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17 4RT) to see visual craftsmanship that truly subvert the conventions of art and to also witness the unveiling of distinct British street art from the likes of the exceptionally creative Wild Seeley and the ground-breaking duo Static.  Static are an exciting duo of street artists, on display will be some of there iconic layered glass pieces inspired by video games and symbolic cultural signifiers.
They have exhibited in the UK, Japan, Singapore, Italy, the US, India and Russia. Their work is known for its blend of graphic and patterned imagery created through a combination of screen-printing and mixed media techniques.  Wild Seeley is a distinctive British artist who has been producing riveting surreal urban art. Inspired by the darker forces of society, the often-farcical forces of human nature and by merging popular culture with urban images his works force us to examine society and the individual.  Additional highlights from ‘Mix Media’ include:   

  • Schoony is a multi-talented urban artist whose unique aesthetic and technical brilliance has brought the art world by storm. His Hyperrealist sculptures question war, mortality and contemporary society.  
  • Futuristic popular culture visionary Juan Barletta showcasing his new work following an appearance at Opera Gallery. Buenos Aries artist will be showcasing his homage to celebrities including Kate Moss and Kendal Jenner  
  • Creating iconic and powerful imagery to represent the natural world, Louise McNaught is an exciting emerging artist. Her pieces are executed with
    a contemporary potency, whilst retaining a traditional technique.  
  • Magnus Gjoen’s thought-provoking pieces examine how to change people’s relationships with and preconceived notions of certain objects; he turns things that are potentially extremely destructive into beautiful yet fragile pieces of art.  

  For enthusiasts looking to buy their first piece Leontia Reilly, the founder of Leontia Gallery, will be offering private viewings and consultations to talk through the artwork whilst sharing industry insight on investing in art.  Art lovers from collectors to novices will be invited to attend the preview night on 28/07/16 To RSVP email rsvp@info@leontiagallery.com  About Leontia Gallery  Leontia Gallery, the gallery is dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art from exceptional emerging and established artists.  Visit www.leontiagallery.com for further information - Ends-
Notes to editor:  For an interview with Leontia Reilly, information on the artists or the gallery contact  leontia@leontiagallery.com  +44)(07933091038