Rebecca Mason uses light to convey the darkness within human life, existence and emotion. This is often accompanied by a dry, self-deprecating sense of humour.

Neon, with its seedy connotations and consumerist urgency and draw, is the brush she uses to create a gritty and simultaneously delicate world.

Her inspiration is drawn from the exciting, chaotic playground of the city in which she lives- London. 

This living metropolis, with all its fears, questions and realisations, along with her experiences, emerge in her work via a duplicity of textual phrases and delicate luminosity. The aim is to encourage the viewer to engage, share her world and illuminations as well as identify a little of themselves and their own experiences in the work.

The premise for each piece of work usually begins by referencing a feeling or event in her personal life, a micro moment in her existence, which is then broadened to reflect the theme on a macro, collective, basis.

Rebecca is a member of the Soho Arts Society and has exhibited widely across London, notably alongside Tracey Emin and Chis Bracey for the renowned, Lights of Soho Exhibition. She regularly appears at art fairs and has permanent representation in LA. A widely acknowledged artist amongst her peers, she has appeared in various publications including the Times, Grazia, NME and London Live amongst others.